Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis is both a theory of human personality and a system for the improvement of personal functioning and interpersonal relationships. It can be applied as a method of counselling and psychotherapy to a wide range of human dysfunction.  TA provides methods to help reach awareness, understanding, and constructive changes in our emotional, belief, and behavioural systems.


Our philosophy and training approach

At the heart of the training programme is the development of trainees as psychotherapists. Training includes the development of awareness of self and other, and the integration of knowledge and skills that are delivered professionally, ethically, and relationally. Psychotherapy training involves the development of cognitive understanding with the integration of personal development.

Trainees come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a richness of various world views, values, and individual prejudices.

Embedded into our approach to training are the basic tenets of transactional analysis; that people are fundamentally OK; that they have the ability to think; and that they can change patterns (life plans) which inhibit their ability to live life well.

Contemporary developments within transactional analysis are incorporated into the training along with classical transactional analysis concepts. Trainees are encouraged to think critically about material presented during training and the wider field of psychotherapy and health sciences.

Trainees are helped to develop their own professional identities and personal styles as psychotherapists practicing within the transactional analysis modality.

Training occurs within a group setting. This often activates the trainees own personal responses to situations. They are expected to work with these experiences, to digest and integrate them within and outside the training setting in the service of their own personal and professional development.  Trainees must make a commitment to their own personal psychotherapy and participation in supervision.

It is expected that trainees will continue their study outside the group setting in order to fulfil requirements for certification within transactional analysis.

Psychotherapy practice is guided by ethics and standards. We aim to prepare trainees for attaining competency in psychotherapy in accordance with the standards of the International Transactional Analysis Association and the Psychotherapy Board of Aoteoroa New Zealand.